The Shadow-Jinn were the jinn that merged with Khayel, the Lying Darkness.

New beings Edit

Israk was one of the known jinn pierced by the Khayel and transformed into a union of jinn and darkness. [1] They became entities plagued with near-uncontrollable urges to devour, to return everything to the primal essence from which it came. All Quest carried the ancestral memories of the Khayel within them at all times, sharing each other's experiences. The Khayel could consume jinn only if they were weak enough, or unnamed. [2]

Side Effect Edit

They were similarly devoid of purpose as the Khayel. The Khayel had absorbed their original feelings, aggressions, and desires, and it did not know what to do with them. So the Quest had become docile, uninvolved with affairs outside their own citadel. They simply did not realize that the rest of the world existed. [2]

The Quest Edit

The Shadow-jinn group were called the Quest and lived in a citadel not in the mortal realm. The first of them was Israk. They had a contact with the mortal realm, their agent Lurza, also known as the Quest. [2]

Known Shadow-Jinn Edit


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