The Shabura was a Greensnake Naga Warrior.

Youth Edit

When she was still new from the egg, her entire clutch was destroyed by a shadowlands. Only the Shabura escaped, as a youngling she used the dead tails of her own clutchmates to strangle the creature. She was raised as the only child in a small Greensnake village outside Nirukti. As a youth, she defeated a mountain bear which attacked her companions. [1]

Avenger Edit

The Shabura learned the ways of warfare and tactics, becoming completely fearless, with an indomitable will. Her title meaned “Avenger”, and she was loathed to give up that task. [2]

Awakening Edit

Shabura 2

The Shabura

From her re-awakening sometime during the Clan War, the Shabura was a staunch enemy of the shadowlands. As all naga women, Shabura was able to shed her snake-like tail for legs. Once bipedal the Shabura was a powerful duelist against the creatures of the Shadowlands. Over time she grew into one of the most powerful of Naga Heroes.[citation needed]

Fighting the Shadowlands Edit

A Shadowlands army of goblin and mujina commanded by an ogre invaded the Shinomen Mori. The Shahadet leading his Legion confronted them near Iyotisha, and trapped the Shadowlands creatures at the edge of a high cliff. Shabura's lieutenant, the Yushath, tried to wound the ogre but in turn he left unarmed against the beast's counterattack. The Shabura charged and fell with the ogre from the edge of the cliff, surviving her wounds. [3]

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Shabura 4

The Shabura

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