Sezaru's Mask
Sezaru's Mask
Created by: Unknown,
Toturi Kaede
First used by: Toturi Sezaru
Currently in the possession of: Presumed Destroyed 1169

Sezaru's Mask was given as a gift to Toturi Sezaru from his Isawa mentors when he completed his gempukku. Sezaru wore it only when he intended to go to war. [1] His mother Toturi Kaede assisted in its crafting, giving it a strong connection to the Void. The mask was a symbol of Sezaru's lineage - child of the Son of Heaven and the Oracle of the Void. It was a symbol of his wisdom, but most of all it was a symbol of his power. [2]

Appearance Edit

The Kabuki-like mask had no opening for the mouth; it was a pale white mask with a bright red sphere of the rising sun blazing upon his forehead. [2]

History Edit

Sezaru's Mask 2

Sezaru's Mask

Toturi Sezaru Edit

The Mask was wielded by Sezaru until 1158, when the Onisu of Desire, Yokubo, took it after a failed assassination attempt against the Wolf. [3] [1] Yokubo gave the mask to Daigotsu and it remained in his possession until the Fall of Otosan Uchi. [4]

Fu Leng Edit

The Mask was also crafted with the help of Empress Kaede, and because Kaede was the Oracle of Void the Mask bore a hint of her power. This power was used by Daigotsu to open a passage to the Celestial Heavens for Fu Leng, freeing him from Meido. It was the start of the Invasion of the Celestial Heavens. [5]

Recovered Edit

After the fight between Daigotsu and Toturi Tsudao in the Imperial Throne room in the Fall of Otosan Uchi, Bayushi Tai recovered the Mask from the Steel Throne and passed it to his sensei, Yudoka. It would later be given to Bayushi Kaukatsu, who sent the recovered mask as a gift to Toturi Sezaru, its true owner, [6] who wore it for the remainder of his life. [7]

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