The Seven Fortunes Temple was the second largest building in Toshi no Naishou, and it predated the Fall of the Kami, built by the local folk who were highly devoted to the Fortunes. The main attractions were the stone statues of the Seven Fortunes, especially revered by the common folk. [1]

Appearance Edit

The main structure was a one-story wooden building supported by a wooden platform, with a wooden staircase, always exactly seven steps, in the entrance. It was closed at night, to avoid candles could began a fire in the wood-and-paper construction. Its library had hundreds of legends and stories about both the Naishou province and Fortunist worship over the centuries. [2]

Ritual Edit

Once each day when the Sun was at its highest, the monks brought a brass gong out to the entrance and stroke it three times, symbolically purifying all from the Three Sins of Fear, Envy, and Regret. Many smaller replicas of this gong were found in lesser shrines and temples throughout the city, and these were struck by visitors who sought additional purification. [3]

Known Abbots Edit


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