Seven Dragons Inn was an inn of Boar's Flanks, in the remote valley of the Twilight Mountains known as the Lair. [1]

Founding Edit

In the 5th century an unusual type of tea leaf was discovered growing in the Twilight Mountains near the Lair. The merchant Yokei cultivated the tea of semi-bitter flavor and the inn became moderately famed. [1]

Isolation Edit

In the beginning of the 6th century the leder of the Lair, Heichi Jomei, ordered the Lair sealed. The inn became the social epicenter, a place where gossip and rumor were served as quickly as tea and sake. In the late 7th century a Hida guest of the Boar showed the family how to brew shochu which became one of the most popular drinks in the castle town. [1]

Kolat Stronghold Edit

The same family had continued to run the Seven Dragons Inn over the centuries, members of the Kolat conspiracy as it was Yokei. Thus, while the rest of Rokugan had long since forgotten the Lair ever existed, the Kolat still knew about it. [1]


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