Please note: This article is about the Broken Shinbone Tribe nezumi. For other uses of the term, please see Set'tch (disambiguation).
Born: Unknown 
Parents: Set'tch'chet 
Siblings: Chet'tch

Set'tch was a nezumi of the Broken Shinbone Tribe and son of its chieftain Set'tch'chet.

Battle of the Tomb Edit

In 1168 his father was aware that the human Chief of Chiefs, Toturi III, was alone in the Shadowlands seeking enlightenment. He sent a Shinbone Warpack led by his son Chet'tch. In the mountains near Shiro Kitsuki they joined the Dragon rescue party led by Mirumoto Rosanjin. They marched to find the Tomb of the Seven Thunders and Naseru. [1]

Hourglass Edit

Set'tch returned from the Battle of the Tomb with the survivors nezumi. One of the nezumi, Oh'krch, returned with the Tomorrow's Hourglass. The Nezumi Shaman Atch-zin foresaw that Tomorrow was coming. [2]


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