Sesai family
Patron family: Shiba family
Clan: Phoenix Clan
Founded: Unknown
Daimyo: Unknown

The Sesai family was a secretive vassal family of the Shiba.

Founding Edit

Centuries ago, Shiba Sesai, a formidable Shiba warrior, served as yojimbo to the Elemental Masters. In his travels he realized that the Isawa, whom the Shiba had swon to protect, were at constant risk from those jealous of their power. If the Isawa would felt, the Shiba would be defenseless against the superior military power of the other Great Clans. Sesai trained his children, nephews and nieces to protect the Isawa at all costs, even at the cost of the Shiba's honor. [1]

Assassins Edit

In the years since, his descendants established a tradition of serving the Isawa by preemptively eliminating treats to their power. This family had not the status of vassal family due to its secrecy (they operated like the Scorpion ninja), but they were organised as one of them. The Council of Five and the Shiba Daimyo had not knowledge of the Sesai or their activities. [1] The Sesai brought the new recruits to their fortress in the Mountains of Regret, trained, sent back home resuming their duties until the head of the Sesai called them into action. [2]

Politics Edit

Sesai Daimyo Edit

Shiba Sesai  ? - ?

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