The Serpents of Sanada were a group of pirates who hunted the Crane seas. I was founded by Sanada in 1163. Before the group began their activities, Sanada had been sailing the waters of his hunting grounds for two years creating escape paths. Their secret stronghold was located in the village of Chibasu. [1] Only a forest, a hill, and a cliff separated Chibasu from the Serpents of Sanada base. Two kobune owned by the pirates were moored in the small port of the village, and another four in a hidden port. [2]

Fighting the Mantis Edit

The Serpents of Sanada terrorized the Mantis Clan in 1169. The Mantis ship sent to destroy them, the Spoils of War, was destroyed by them. The only survivor of the attack, Yoritomo Hotako, was saved by Moshi Mogai on the ship the Modest Blossom. Mogai revealed that he and his associates, the Spider Clan, were also attempting to destroy the Serpents. They had paid the Serpents to attack Blue Reef Village, and laid in wait and ambushed the raiding party. Obsidian Champion Daigotsu Tatsune wished to kill them all, but Hotako killed him so there would be survivors to interrogate. After learning where the remaining Serpents were Mogai and Hotako, the new Obsidian Champion, continued their quest to destroy the Serpents. [3]

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