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Serpent's Tail Mine

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The Serpent's Tail Mine was a geological puzzle which had existed since 4th century. [1]

Discovery Edit

The mine was discovered by the Agasha searching for a vein of ore within the Dragon mountains. The veins they discovered were entwined deposits of gold and iron ore. The mine earned its name after they found that the mining tunnel went coiling deep into the mountains, looking very similar to two embattled snakes. Peasant workers named the continuing trails Miko and Malco. [1] The raw materials were transformed in the forges of the nearby city of Suigeki Toshi. [2]

Third Deposit Edit

In 1161 the mining process uncovered a third deposit, of jade fused with the two trails of iron and gold. The twisting trails were actually crafted by two angry kami, one of Fire and one of Earth, chasing each other until they collided and formed jade in an untraditional manner. [1]


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