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Seppun Toriko was a Seppun Guardsman of the Imperial Families.

Mistress of the Gates Edit

In 1198 Toriko was chosen as Mistress of the Gates by Akodo Tsudoken, Head of the Second City Guardsmen. She became responsible for monitoring all traffic in and out of the Imperial District of the Second City. This position was created after the Imperial Governor of the Colonies Ikoma Katsuru was found dead, murdered by an unknown infiltrator. [1]

Obligation Edit

Toriko was torn between her duty and the obligation she felt to Otomo Akio, who once spared her father a significant disgrace. The wealthy Otomo was obsessed with cultural artifacts from the Ivory Kingdoms, and had arranged with Toriko how to smuggle these items to his home within the Imperial District, because the artifacts had not undergone the required inspection to ensure there is no danger to the people of the Second City. [1] Her secret had been unveiled by the Scorpion, and the competent courtier Bayushi Toshiko was aware of the business between Akio and Toriko. [2]

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