Seppun Tanizaki

Seppun Tanizaki

Seppun Tanizaki was a bushi commander of the Seppun Miharu.

Demeanor Edit

Tanizaki was forthright and talkative. [1]

Plague War Edit

Tanizaki had been appointed as yojimbo to Miya Nishio, a Miya Herald. Her lord Seppun Katsura pondered with Nishio his concerns. The empire was ravaged by war, in the north and south, fighting in the heart of the Empire as undead appeared at random in poorly defended targets, cultural famine among many of the clans, literal famine among others, and prominent Rokugani members as the Emerald Champion and the Imperial Treasurer had an odd behaviour. Tanizaki stepped into the conversation, assuring he knew who could help the Imperial Families in demonstrating their power and reach. [2]

Destroyer War Edit

In 1172 Tanizaki ushered Miya Nishio to the tertiary office of the minister of military affairs at Toshi Ranbo. There Otomo Ishihama took the report regarding the disastrous Destroyer War in the southern front. Tanizaki highlighted the loss of lifes and their effects in the future years of the Empire. [1]

Sensei Edit

Seppun Tanizaki 2

Tanizaki Sensei

Tanizaki became a sensei and passed his knowledge to the next generations. [3]

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