Seppun Taiyiko 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1198

Seppun Taiyiko was a samurai-ko of the Imperial Families.

Demeanor Edit

Taiyiko was a potent shugenja due to her age and experience, but her true strength laid in understanding people's strengths and getting them to work together. She quickly, politely, and efficiently delegated matters to the clans based on each shugenja's skills without causing animosity between anyone. [1]

Colonies Edit

Taiyiko was appointed to tend the Seppun Temple, to provide a spiritual back-stop in the event that the clan shugenja in the Colonies failed to deal with any threat. She eventually became a personal advisor of the Imperial Governor of the Colonies Ikoma Katsuru. [1] Taiyiko reported to Lord Iweko Shibatsu as well as her direct superiors in the Imperial City Toshi Ranbo. [2]

Death Edit

Taiyiko was pierced by a spear during the riots that happened due to the influx of the mad dragon P'an Ku. [2]


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