Seppun Sugita 
Born: Unknown 
Died: c.1166 
Titles: Taisa

Seppun Sugita was a taisa of the Imperial Legions.

Appearance Edit

Sugita was tall and wide, thickly built, obviously a man who was not accustomed to missing meals. His drooping cheeks and fat chin gave him the somewhat mournful, hangdog expression. [1]

War of the Fire and Thunder Edit

Sugita was stationed at Nikesake in the War of Fire and Thunder. The Emperor believed that rebellious forces were seeking to escalate the war between Phoenix and Mantis, and Sugita was sent to seek out seditious individuals. Sugita enlisted the aid of Tawagoto to investigate a village named Tanaki Mura. The village was not paying taxes, and Sugita suspected they were rebellious. The Legions could not kill rebellious peasants without sparking greater outrage, but Tawagoto could fit for that purpose. [1]

Death Edit

Tawagoto travelled to the village, but learned that they were just poor and desperate. He lured Sugita to the village and killed him and his bodyguards. [1] He had been a corrupt and vile man who intended to murder a village so that he would gain glory, and found death instead. [2]


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