Seppun Soishi

Seppun Soishi

Seppun Soishi was a Yojimbo of the Seppun.

Training Edit

Soishi was trained in the Seppun Miharu school, and spent a time in the Unicorn lands, to learn horsemanship. There he met Ide Furasa who would become an Emerald Magistrate. [1]

Charge's Death Edit

Soishi was yojimbo to Otomo Tonaka, a manipulative, backstabbing, and blackmailing sycophant. Time later Soishi's superior, an Emerald Magistrate, ordered him to assist Furasa to kill his charge Tonaka. During a travel to Shiro Ide Soishi delivered the message to Furasa, and two days later Tonaka was dead. [1]

Corrupted Edit

Soishi was appointed to Otomo Gide in the Dragon lands, but the yojimbo had become fascinated by the shady dealings, so Soishi spent many years gambling, trading in illegal items, and other crimes. [1]

Exposed Edit

In 1122 Soishi received a message telling Furasa was dead. The author claimed to be the killer and requested Soishi's seppuku, at the price of his silence about the truth in Tonaka's death. [1]

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