Seppun Ryota

Seppun Ryota

Seppun Ryota was a bushi duelist and Yojimbo of the Imperial Families. He was considered a Paragon of Bushido.

Imperial Legionnaire Edit

Ryota joined the Ninth Imperial Legion under the command of Shinjo Kinto, and reached the rank of Chui. [1] The Legion was left without its commander when he was kept under custody by an elderly Imperial. During the riots of the Second City in 1199 they were asked to stand aside by the Imperial Heir. Kinto eventually returned and instead to enforce the law within the city, he gave command to ride against the incoming force of Daigotsu Gyoken. The tainted Spider commander had fallen under the sway of P'an Ku, and he was the carrier of the Blood of the Preserver, a dreaded artifact. [2]

Defending the Second City Edit

After a brief parley between Kinto and Gyoken, the Imperial Legion and the Fallen clashed. Moto Miyu asked the favor of the kami to avoid any vial with the Blood to be broken on the Rokugani ranks, effectively removing the main threat of the enemy. With Crab reinforcements led by the interim Colonial Governor Kuni Renyu, and the arrival of Dragon forces under the command of Togashi Daimyo Togashi Noboru, the Fallen were defeated with ease. Kinto took Gyoken as prisoner, to turn him over to the Ivory Champion Shinjo Tselu for consideration. [1]

Journey's End Keep Edit

The 9th Legion marched against the Fallen who had taken Journey's End Keep. There, the Imperial Legion faced Unicorn forces led by Shinjo Yoshie, while a second army of Lion Fallen under the command of Akodo Tsudoken attempted to flank them, but they were outmaneuvered by the arrival of the combined forces of the Lion Clan Champion Akodo Dairuko, the Khan Shinjo Min-Hee, and the Ivory Champion. Yoshie's forces broke to intercept Dairuko's army, and the 9th Legion intercepted Akodo Tsudoken's Fallen legion. Kinto killed Tsudoken in personal combat. [3]

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