Seppun Ritisharu 
Seppun Ritisharu 
Born: Unknown 
Spouse: Un-named Imperial captain 
Titles: Imperial Treasurer

Seppun Ritisharu was a courtier of the Seppun family. She served as the second Imperial Treasurer under Empress Iweko I.

Marriage Edit

Ritisharu married to a quiet and self-assured man, the captain of one of the very few Imperial ships, and in doing so chosen affection over advancement. [1]

Imperial Treasurer Edit

To Ritisharu, commerce revealed itself as a vital aspect of government and to shunt it aside because one finds it distasteful was a failure of duty. [2] In the years since her appointment as Imperial Treasurer, she had been called the only one worthy to replace her predecessor, the infamous Yoritomo Utemaro. During the Age of Exploration, she demonstrated openess towards the Colonies, infuriating her lord, Seppun Jinsai. She explained that the Colonies were the main source of resources for the reconstruction of the Empire. [1]

Colonies Edit

Ritisharu was a stern but principled woman who maintained an extremely close record of all significant financial concerns taking place in the Colonies. She had visited the Colonies no less than three times herself. [3]

Mantis-Crane War Edit

In 1198 the Mantis-Crane War in the Colonies had begun after the Mantis were accused of corruption and forgery of documents in their cargo reports at Twin Forks City. Ritisharu was met by Doji Makoto, the Crane Clan Champion, who informed that the Crane would shut down their ports to the Mantis Clan. The Mantis Clan Champion Yoritomo Hiromi had another meeting shortly after. Ritisharu had increased the Tax Collectors appointed at Mantis ports, to avoid any oversight as the one reported by the Crane, so the traffic there was slowed. Those actions combined with the fact that Crab ports were already heavily occupied shipping a great deal more resources back from the Colonies, provoked a blockade of the Mantis trade to mainland Rokugan. [4]

Reign of Iweko II Edit

War on the Empire Edit

During the festivals predating Iweko Seiken's coronation, the Imperial Heir had publicly humiliated Daigotsu Kanpeki by announcing that he would remove him as Spider Clan Champion. Seiken's brother, Iweko Shibatsu would join the Susumu family as their daimyo and become Lord Spider. Kanpeki considered this as betrayal of the deal between his father and Iweko I and declared war on the Empire. [5]

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Preceded by:
Yoritomo Utemaro
Imperial Treasurer
? - Present
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