Seppun Osokawa 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Siblings: Seppun Osoko,
Seppun Osuki

Seppun Osokawa was a shugenja of the Imperial Families.

Station Edit

Osokawa was born the eldest of three sisters. She attended the Seppun Shugenja school and was appointed in a temple dedicated to Ebisu in the Imperial City, Toshi Ranbo. Osokawa earned fame when she remained in the temple during a terrible storm, which was found completely undamaged, a sign of the favor of Heaven. The Emperor placed her as the administrator of the Hundred Stances Dojo, and her sisters Seppun Osoko and Seppun Osuki accompanied her. [1]

Administrator Edit

Osokawa was also the resident Seppun Shugenja and arbiter of the dojo. She blessed the dueling circle where Matsu Hirotaro, the champion's dojo, and the challenger, Mirumoto Saiko, performed a duel with bokken. Hirotaro was blessed by Osano-Wo as winner of the duel. [2]

Herald of Thunder Edit

Eventually the dojo was attacked by a monk named Hitotsu and his followers, who claimed the building angered Osano-Wo himself, because the Fortune had grown angry at the petty squabbles of the clans and their lack of devotion on what was his sacred land. The theological issue made by the self-proclaimed Herald of Thudner quickly escalated. Mantis samurai sided with the prophet, the champion's dojo was killed in a personal duel with Hitotsu, a fire severely damaged part of the dojo, and even Osokawa escaped an assasination attempt. Her forces managed to throw back the prophet's followers which attempted to storm the dojo. [3]

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