Seppun Oroku 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1159

Seppun Oroku was the keeper of Mukizo, the sword used to kill Hantei XVI.

Yojimbo Edit

Hyobe was the yojimbo of Oroku.

Mukizo Edit

Mukizo was kept by the Seppun after his last use in 597. Oroku would like to pass the blade because it could serve a greater purpose elsewhere than unusued. In 1159 a Phoenix delegation was invited to the Seppun Estates at Otosan Uchi. Isawa Moriyasu and Shiba Bajiru came with their yojimbos.

Death Edit

In the middle of the reception the Daigotsu's attack on the Imperial City began. A first explosion killed Moriyasu, in the second Bajiru fell. A group of Maho-tsukai in Phoenix clothes rushed and tried to get Mukizo, fighting with Hyobe. A new explosion shattered the chamber and only one man survived. He was aided by a timely arrival of a shugenja, Isawa Churezu. The survivor, Asako Mishime, posed as Isawa Moriyasu while being healed.


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