Seppun Murayasu 
Seppun Murayasu 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Died after return: Unknown

Seppun Murayasu was an old veteran warrior who lived in Otosan Uchi. [1]

He was poor, and had occasionally sold his services with the sword for money in his past. Though not of a very noble line he was still samurai and served at a small post far from the Emperor's palace. He would stand at his post as if it were the greatest honor in the world, and would walk the city with his head held high and all spoke highly of his loyalty. Shosuro Furuyari intended to ruin Murayasu for his pride, and arranged for the Seppun to meet with the Bayushi Daimyo. In truth it was Furuyari he would meet, and behind a screen the Emperor of Rokugan sat and listened. Furuyari attempted to purchase Murayasu's service with a hundred koku, but Murayasu declined. Furuyari asked him to tell him his secrets, and a hundred men a women would be under his command and he would received a place of honor in his personal guard. Murayasu declined agian, as he could not betray his master. Furuyari asked him who he serves and Murayasu replied he served the Emperor. Furuyari mocked Murayasu, claiming the Emperor did not even know his name. Murayasu said the Emperor did not have to know his name for him to serve loyally. The Emperor, upon hearing these words, brought Murayasu to the Imperial Palace to live his last days in loyal service to the Imperial Line.[2]

"Though the Emperor does not know of me, still, I know of him. And it is the Emperor, and Hantei alone, that I follow. With every word and deed, I do his bidding."


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