Seppun Mojiki was one of the assistants of the Ochiyo district's governor, Asako Ochiyo, prior to the Scorpion Coup. Mojiki belived he deserved as the next District Governor, because he managed the day-to-day duties. When Ochiyo took Takao as his hatamoto Mojiki enraged, his ambition thwarted by a young boy. [1]

Scorpion Coup Edit

Prior to the Scorpion Coup Ochiyo disappeared, and he was nowhere to be found throughout the fighting. Mojiki was pivotal in easing tensions between the Scorpion invaders and the religious castes before the Coup's end, and went on to establish order in the days following Bayushi Shoju's death. [2]

District Governor Edit

Ochiyo was dismissed in his absence, and Mojiki was appointed as the new governor by Emperor Hantei XXXIX shortly thereafter. He administered the newly named Mojiki district area ever since. Takao managed to remain as the district hatamoto. [2]

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