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Seppun Kossori 
Seppun Kossori 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Spouse: Seppun Toshiken 
Children: Kakita Atoshi

Seppun Kossori was a Shugenja of the Seppun family.

Appearance Edit

Seppun Kossori 2

Seppun Kossori

Kossori was a round woman who liked to wear jewelry. [1] She had Hantei lineage. [2]

Family Edit

Kossori was the only daughter to a powerful Seppun. She was spoiled and treated to ever desire of her lavish and luxurious appetite. [3]

Training Edit

Kossori came to the Doji Courtier school, and it was the worst decision her parents could have made, because her penchant quickly accelerated. She began to prying favors and learned that men would do almost anything for her. [3]

Addicted Edit

As an adult she had developed a taste for sake, especially shochu. She got herself into situations with men that she would be better off forgetting . Once, while drunk, she attempted to seduce Bayushi Akeu. [3]

Wicked Edit

Kossori gave testimony of murder against Shiba Masumi, a young samurai-ko. The Magistrate Agasha Hisojo presented evidence that proved her innocence over Kossori's spurious testimony, but Rokugani law was based on testimony, so Masumi was forced to commit seppuku and her daughter was executed for cursing the decision. [4]

Hidden Emperor Edit

In 1132 Kossori had hired ronin for the depopulated Phoenix Clan and Shiba Tsukune filled Kossori's chests with koku in return. [1] She also got Phoenix koku from Doji Adoka, who was fleeing the Crane lands after he murdered Kakita Ariteko. [5] The Seppun woman gifted the koku to Iuchi Shahai at Shiro Iuchi to get the Unicorn favor to her aspirations as the new Empress, being Toturi disappeared. Kossori did not know that Shahai secretly was a bloodspeaker and she would use the koku to her particular goals. [2]

She married Seppun Toshiken and had a child, Kakita Atoshi. [6]

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