Seppun Jurou 
Born: Unknown 
Children: Several un-named children

Seppun Jurou was a shugenja of the Imperial Families.

Family Edit

Jurou was an old man, calm, a bit dour, and slow to speak. His wife had passed and his children had left years ago to undertake their own duties. He had two grandchildren Seppun Hiroshi and Seppun Kunio. [1]

Colonies Edit

In 1198 Jurou was an elderly priest who after more than a decade in the Second City he saw Otomo Suikihime becoming the new Imperial Governor of the Colonies. Many of his fellow traditionalists resigned from their posts or even committed kanshi in protest of the many changes Suikihime had initiated. His position as a mid-tier functionary within the Ministry of Ceremonies had permitted him to continue to preserve and uphold traditional religious practices within the Colonies. [2]

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