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Seppun Juro 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1165 
Children: Seppun Isa (adopted)

Seppun Juro was a karo of the Shogun Kaneka's armies and governor of Honored Treaty City, handpicked by the Emperor Toturi I himself. [1]

Children Edit

Juro never had children of his own. He made arrangements with the servants to adopt one of their infants. He adopted a daughter, Seppun Isa. [2] When she grew, Juro betrothed Isa to Mirumoto Aichi, an officer in the Shogun's guard. [3]

Corruption Edit

Rumours were heard that Juro had become corrupted by his position. The Shogun spent little time on the city, embroiled keeping peace in the south, so Juro's word there was absolute. He would only focused on important matters if certain gifts were bestowed upon him. [4]

Death Edit

In 1165 the body of Juro was found murdered. Kitsuki Temko, an agent of the Shogun, was appointed to investigate. None inside the castle were allowed to leave until the murder was solved. [3] Juro had been poisoned, struck by a dart coated in a potent variant of Night Milk [1] by Isa's older brother, the pesant Genjo. In the end, Juro's honor did not allow him to continue the charade of his sister, and had summoned Aichi to reveal Isa was born a peasant. Genjo acted to stop Juro, so that his sister would have hope for a better life. [2]


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