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Seppun Iyboshi

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Seppun Iyboshi 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Spouse: Suzume Kayo

Seppun Iyboshi was a member of the Imperial Families who sought a wife through a nakodo. The chosen was Suzume Kayo, quite pretty but inelegant, who annoyed him telling long stories with no point, and asking constant questions. Eventually, Kayo turned her mood, an openly admitted she was a dullard, a mere ignorant hayseed to Iyboshi. The maiden was not there to win his hand, her purpose was that Iyboshi would bestow her village with a small gift of pear trees, as his father did years ago, as a reward for Kayo's services. Iyboshi was impressed by the woman with such spirit, such strength, and decided to marry her. [1]


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