Seppun Ishitata 
Born: Unknown 
Parents: Un-named Imperial diplomat 
Siblings: Several un-named brothers and sisters 
Titles: Minister of Rites

Seppun Ishitata was appointedas Minister of Rites by the Imperial Governor of the Colonies Otomo Suikihime. Her younger sister, the mischievous Otomo Nami, was fond of Ishitata and spoke highly of him at every opportunity. [1]

Early Years Edit

Ishitata was the second son of an important Imperial diplomat, and he grew up in Toshi Ranbo, the Imperial City. His brothers and sisters went on to held important diplomatic positions. Ishitata lacked the attention and intelligence for politics and diplomacy, so he was enrolled in the Seppun Miharu school, where he excelled. [2] Ishitata had hoped to join the Imperial Guard and live a simple life in service as a samurai. [3]

Colonies Edit

Minister of Rites Edit

Ishitata was eventually sent to the Colonies as a simple guard, but even there the fame of his family preceded him. The Governor Otomo Suikihime promoted Ishitata to Minister of Rites, expecting he would accomplish as his relatives were doing. He secretly doubted his every decision, so he was silent for a long while before answering. His reputation and image as a stoic samurai made that a few brief words from him would sway virtually the entire trend of opinion toward that position in the Ivory Court. [2]

Dueling Edit

The courtier Bayushi Taji gleaned Ishitata's uncertainty and realized the wisdom of the Minister of Rites was a sham. Taji forced a duel of honor, believing the minister's indecision and hesitance would translate to cowardice on the dueling grounds. Ishitata was a confident, disciplined, and skilled duelist, who cut down the challenger in an instant. [4]

Hero Edit

While returning to the Second City his caravan was attacked by desert raiders. They seemed intent on taking Otomo Nami hostage. Ishitata defended Suikihime's youngest sister, killing two of the assailants and driving off the rest. He was hailed as a hero upon returning to the Second City, and Ishitata won the admiration of Otomo Nami. [4]

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Preceded by:
Minister of Rites
1198 - Present
Succeeded by:


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