Seppun Isei 
Seppun Isei 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Died after return: 1159, Month of the Rat [1]

Seppun Isei was a returned spirit who served as the personal yojimbo of Hantei Naseru during the Four Winds Era.

First Death Edit

A Seppun guardsman in his first life, Isei died while successfully defending the Imperial Palace from a maho-tsukai attack. Returned centuries later through Oblivion's Gate at Volturnum. [2]

Appearence Edit

Isei had a great scar across his face.[3]

War of Spirits Edit

At the war's conclusion, Isei underwent the ritual removing his spirit aura and once again became a guardsman for the Imperial family. Eventually, Toturi chose Isei to be the personal yojimbo for his youngest son Hantei Naseru.[4][2]

Winter Court at Kyuden Miya Edit

After Winter Court was over, Naseru order Isei to make a cut in the left arm of every man at Court. If the blood ran black it would mean they were tainted, and Isei would have to kill them. The first cut was made to Naseru, the second to Isei, and the third to Bayushi Sunetra.[3]

Test of the Jade Champion Edit

During the attack on the Test of the Jade Champion by the Onisu of Death Hakai, Isei saved the life of the Anvil by pushing him from the path of Hakai's spell.[5]

Fall of Otosan Uchi Edit

Isei advised the Imperial Court when the Shadowlands forces attacked Otosan Uchi from sea. [6]

City of Night Edit

In 1159, Isei, alongside Shinjo Shono and Bayushi Sunetra [1] accompanied Naseru on an exploration of the City of Night in the Seikitsu Pass. When the Tsuno and Moto Vordu tried to kill Naseru and Shinjo Shono, Isei sacrificed his life to save the Naseru. When Naseru became Emperor Toturi III, he maintained a small shrine in Isei's memory within the Imperial Palace. [2]

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