Seppun Isa 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Parents: Un-named peasants,
Seppun Juro (adopted) 
Siblings: Genjo

Seppun Isa was the adopted daughter of Seppun Juro. Juro served as a karo in the Shogun Kaneka's armies, and as governor of Honored Treaty City. [1]

Peasant Edit

Isa was born a peasant, and had an older brother, Genjo. Her parent's Lord, Seppun Juro, never had children of his own. He made arrangements with the servants to adopt one of their infants, who would be named Seppun Isa. [2]

Juro's Daughter Edit

Betrothed Edit

Isa was betrothed to Mirumoto Aichi, an officer in the Shogun's guard. When Soshi Yoshino, a young bushi, arrived at the castle Isa grew fond of him and they began an affair. [3]

Father's Death Edit

When the body of her father was found, Kitsuki Temko, an agent of the Shogun, was appointed to investigate. None inside the castle were allowed to leave until the murder was solved. [4]

Broken Betrothal Edit

Shortly after Isa's father died, Aichi had broken his bethrothal. Juro's honor did not allow him to continue the charade and summoned Aichi to tell him the truth in person. With Juro dead, was Isa herself who revealed her true ancestry. [2] Aichi told he did not desire her, as Isa was low-born. When it was public, the Mirumoto was challenged by Yoshino to a duel. The young samurai Shiba Kanshiro championed Yoshino, and the Phoenix won a duel to first blood, leaving Isa's honor intact. [5]

Brother's Death Edit

Kanshiro exposed Genjo as the murderer, and when the peasant attempted to escape through force, he was struck down by the samurai. Aichi admitted he reacted foolishly, so he kept his vow to Isa, peasant or not. [2]


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