Seppun Horiken 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1131

Seppun Horiken was once an Imperial bushi who served as a Seppun Miharu. Horiken eventually retired with full honors and recognition from the Emperor, once his advanced age became an impediment to his duties as a guardsman. He decided to become a scholar and moved to an isolated house to pursue his studies. [1]

Gaijin Culture Edit

Horiken devoted his time to studying gaijin culture. Though he was unknown to most, Horiken soon became Rokugan's foremost expert on the gaijin. It was this expertise that eventually brought him to the attention of the Cult of the Destroyer. Fearful that he could uncover their plans, the cult sent an assassin to kill Horiken. The old miharu was still a capable fighter and killed the cultist. Investigation of the assassin's blade led Horiken to contacts within the Mantis Clan. Unknown to him, however, Horiken's contacts were secret cultists themselves and eventually murdered him in 1131. The cultists also killed Horiken's cousin, Seppun Oronoko. [1]


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