The Seppun Guest Home housed honored visitors and high-standing resident members of the Seppun family in the Forbidden City, [1] surrounded by chrysanthemum gardens and intricate waterfalls. Few Imperials lived there, as most had Hantei blood and might live in the Imperial Palace itself. [2]

Seppun Dojo Edit

The majority of the building had been given to the Seppun dojo. Entrance into the Seppun dojo required an invitation. [2] The Seppun were wholly devoted to the safety of the Emperor and the study of the Tao of Shinsei. Although their station in Rokugan allowed them access to resources other families would exploit, the Seppun had no use for power. They were a sect of pious warriors who exemplified all that it meaned to be a dutiful samurai. Throughout history the Emperor had placed faith in the Seppun to protect him and filled the Imperial Legions. [3]

Training Edit

Their training instilled in them a deep reverence for the Emperor and the lessons of the Tao. The Seppun Miharu were taught to protect their charge at all costs, and they would gladly sacrifice themselves if it came to it. They were taught to resist the impurities of the corrupt, including the Shadowlands and the Living Shadow, as well as other influences such as sake and opium. [3]

Notable Sensei Edit


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