Seppun Miharu

Seppun Miharu

The Seppun Miharu was the Seppun school of guards, and their duty was to guard the Emperor, or other important beings, such as the Emperor's heir.

Seppun recruits Edit

The Miharu were almost exclusively from the Seppun family, although a handful could came from other Imperial Families if their mother were Seppun. [1] At any one time there were only a few hundred Seppun guards in Rokugan. Other Great Clan samurai were sometimes assigned to the Imperial Guard, but few were ever allowed to train with the Miharu, and none were allowed to perform their duties without several Seppun nearby. [2] They generally commanded troops of Lion or Crane bushi, and Seppun guards often spent a year studying at either the Akodo or Daidoji school just enough to understand the techniques. [1]

Dojo Edit

Since 1160 de Seppun Miharu were trained in the Sapphire Blade Dojo, [3] and previously they had been trained in the Seppun Guest Home. Some of the Seppun were also sent to the dojo of the Emerald Champion to train in the necessary skills to ferret out anyone that could pose a threat to their duty. [2]

Training Edit

The training was intensive, and for this reason, Seppun guards had higher skills at younger ages than any other school in Rokugan. They focused primarily on bodyguarding and single combat, but gave handily generals. The Iaijutsu training relied in drawing their swords quickly when surprised, raher for the duels. [1]

Seppun Miharu Techniques Edit

Scorpion Coup Edit

After Hantei XXXVIII was beheaded by Bayushi Shoju, beginning the Scorpion Coup, the Seppun Miharu sequestered themselves in the Shadow Maze, the fourth floor of the Imperial Palace, protecting a small group of Otomo and Seppun. They waged a desperate fight against the Scorpion bushi to the death, none would themselves become hostages. [4]

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