Seppun Daiori 
Seppun Daiori 
Born: 1087 
Died: 1123 
Siblings: Two un-named elder brothers 
Children: Seppun Hotaitaka (adopted) 
Titles: Captain of the Imperial Guard,
Seppun Daimyo

Seppun Daiori was the daimyo of the Seppun family. [1]

Appearance Edit

Daiori was a tall, stern man with hawklike features and a long courtier's braid. He was born in 1087. [2]

Imperial Loyalist Edit

Daiori was a companion to the Emperor Hantei XXXVIII in their youth, and served in the Seppun Miharu. In 1112 he fought against the Crab during their attack on an Otomo herald, and bore a scar upon his left hand from the incident which never healed properly. The Soshi Daimyo Soshi Bantaro prescribed opium drugs to alleviate the pain. [2]

Imperial Guard Edit

For his bravery this year Daiori was awarded with the charge of Captain of the Imperial Guard, and served with such noble guardsmen as Akodo Kage and Shiba Katsuda. [2]

Kage's pawn Edit

In 1115 while leading a legion of Imperial Guardsmen traveling with his older brother, the Seppun daimyo, they were attacked by bandits. Akodo Kage, head of the guards, led the counterattack but failed to save the Seppun daimyo. That evening, Daiori found out Kage intended to place Daiori as daimyo of his family, and control him as a friend and counselor. Daiori threatened to reveal Kage's plan, but Kage produced witnesses who could testify that Daiori was at his brother's side at the time of his death, and the wound which killed him came from a closely placed knife. Daiori kept silence on Kage's betrayal and became his pawn, following all his dictates. [2]

Seppun Daimyo Edit

Daiori was appointed as Seppun Daimyo after his second brother died defending from an oni the Imperial Heir, Hantei Sotorii. Under his rule the Seppun had allowed the Crane to keep Toshi Ranbo from the Lion, kept the Unicorn from assaulting Kyuden Ikoma, and maintained peace between the Crab and the Iuchi over usurped Falcon Clan villages. [2]

Family Edit

His wife gave birth a boy, Seppun Hotaitaka, [3] in 1119, after sixteen years of childlessness. Daiori knew he was not the father, but loved the child dearly. Since the death of the child's mother in 1122, Daiori had raised the boy alone. Shortly after Kage sent a letter with a subtly threat to his son's life, and most probably that his wife had been assassinated. Since that time Daiori kept his only child close. [4]

Winter Court - 1123 Edit

Daiori attended winter court at Kyuden Seppun on 1123. [1] Bayushi Kachiko wished to foster her son, Bayushi Dairu, to the Seppun. To gain a foothold with them, she sought what was behind Daiori' strange obsession with his son, and for this reason the Scorpion was so interested in the connection Seppun daimyo's apparent connection to the Lion Clan. [5]

Scorpion Coup Edit

Death Edit

Daiori led the Seppun family during the Scorpion Coup and gave his life to protect the Crane embassy from enemy forces. [6]

Alternative Tale Edit

Other accounts said that Daiori survived the Scorpion Coup, and in 1125 he was stiil the Seppun Daimyo, though his life had been threatened four times over the last three years. Daiori rarely left the Imperial Palace and his paranoia became the subject of much whispering about the court. [7]

Gaki Edit

As Daiori fought the Scorpion away from the embassy, Daiori felt overwhelming anger and horror at the events around him. His rage-filled heart had reached out at the moment of his death and touched the daisho in his hands. Daiori's Daisho was damned with a powerful curse, [6] and Daiori became a gaki, a hungry spirit, within the blades. [8]

See also Edit

Preceded by:
Captain of the Imperial Guard
1112 - ?
Succeeded by:
Preceded by:
Daiori's second brother
Seppun Daimyo
? - 1123
Succeeded by:
Unknown Regent

Sources Conflict
The sources relating to this article are in conflict with each other.
Time of the Void page 143 claims Daiori was killed by Bayushi Shoju during the Scorpion Coup, clearly in conflict with Winter Court:Kyuden Kakita. Oni no Pikachu 19:26, June 24, 2012 (UTC)


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