Seppun Akentsu was a shugenja of the Imperial Families.

Arbiter Edit

The Dojo of a Hundred Stances had reached a new edge on kenjutsu training, and the Lion Clan kept its rebuilding in secret. The dojo was exposed after a student of the dojo, Akodo Hitsuko, defeated a Crane in a duel at Imperial winter court. The issue escalated into open conflict and soon the Scorpion and the Phoenix Clans attempted to seize the dojo by force. Eventually Akentsu, an inexperienced samurai, was proposed by the Scorpion as arbiter, and all three clans withdrew their forces while waiting to hear from Akentsu. [1]

Judgement Edit

Akentsu refused to give in to intimidation or listen to favors of any kind. He researched the history of Oshiro, who devised the Hundred Stances style, Bayushi Sawao, founder of the original Dojo of a Hundred Stances, and Akodo Kentsu, who had rebuilt the dojo and had died in the conflict defending the dojo against the Scorpion. Akentsu also learned about the legends surrounding the plains where the dojo sat, involving a young Hida Osano-Wo. He realized Oshiro's texts were a treasure of spiritual wisdom and fighting acumen, and that no clan would let another keep such an advantage to itself. Aketsu placed the Hundred Stances Dojo under direct Imperial administration. [2]

Tournament Edit

Akentsu established a kenjutsu tournament to decide the champion of Dojo, whose clan would have first access to the scrolls, but could be challenged at any time, ensuring that only the worthiest swordsman would ever be sensei of the dojo. Hitsuko won the tournament and became the dojo's sensei, agreeing to let students from all of the clans study under her leadership. [3]


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