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Seppun Akagi 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Spouse: Seppun 
Children: Hiro,
Un-named son,
Titles: Seppun Chieftain

Akagi was the Chieftain of the Tribe of Seppun. He became Seppun Akagi after they became part of the Emerald Empire.

Family Edit

Akagi was married to the priestess Seppun and had two sons, being the eldest Hiro. During a skirmish against the aggressive Tribe of Noriaki he lost his two sons. [1]

Fall of the Kami Edit

Shortly after eight stars fell to the Seppun Hill, while a ninth light struck the earth in the south. Akagi alongside with his wife Seppun came to the hill top, and they were the first humans who ever met the Kami. [2]

Seppun Family Edit

Their son Anzu was trained among the most renowned warriors, building a core of bushi techniques that would come to define the Imperial Guard. Seppun's youngest son, Kichi, set out to find the wisest holy men and shugenja, and the knowledge he gained became the basis of the Seppun Hidden Guard. [3]

Preceded by:
Seppun Chieftain
Pre-calendar - 5
Succeeded by:
Dissolved in the Seppun family


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