The Sentaku Tribunal was the center of legislature and politics within Rokugan, serving as filter between the average citizen of the Empire and Emperor Hantei. [1] It was housed in the Seat of Kanjo Government. [2]

Functions Edit

  • The tribunal watched over all Otosan Uchi's District governors. [3]
  • They evaluated every request of an audience with the Emperor. [4] Those allowed to enter in the Imperial Palace had to show the papers wrote by this tribunal in the Sentaku Stations. [5]
  • They ruled on all minor concerns speaking with the "voice of the Emperor", only overruled by an Imperial or by the Emperor himself. [4]

System Edit

The Otomo devised how the tribunal would be selected: [4]

History Edit

Creation Edit

It was founded during the rule of Hantei Yugozohime, formed by Otomo, diplomats, shugenja, and monks, to take charge of everything that did not require the personal attention of the Emperor. [4]

First Three Sentaku Edit

The first Tribunal was formed with three members, a bushi, a shugenja, and a monk. It was later reconfigured to maintain a balance of power between clans. [6]

Hito Representatives Edit

The Hito district representatives were selected from the standing military or appointed by the martial sensei of the district. These district catered to the military applicants who wished to enter the Forbidden City. [7]

Karada Representatives Edit

The Karada district representatives counseled the Ekohikei mercantile groups and represented them in the Imperial Court. [8]

Known Sentaku Members Edit


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