Senpet Legionnaire

A Senpet Legionnaire

Senpet Legionnaire was the paragon of skilled ruthlessness. Before the Yodotai Invasion of Senpet lands, the Senpet Empire boasted of a highly trained and loyal army that numbered in the hundreds of thousands. These warriors could fight in any situation, regardless of whether they were in the middle of the desert or in the mountains of the Yobanjin. This ruthlessness came from his complete confidence in his actions at all times. They knew his general followed the will of the gods and those gods would see them through to victory. The legionnaire fought with the fury and strength of a madman because of his fervent faith. The Senpet legionnaire adhered to his training even through the worst of conditions. If there was even the slightest of a chance of victory, he would continue to fight. [1]

Armor Edit

Because of the overbearing heat, Senpet warriors often wear little to battle. Many chose to enter battle wearing only a loincloth and a ceremonial headdress. Those who did wear armor, such as the chariot riders, wore the Senpet Chain Shirt. [2]

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Senpet Legion

Senpet Legion


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