Senkensha family
Patron family: Tonbo family
Clan: Dragonfly Clan
Founded: Unknown
Daimyo: Unknown

Senkensha family was a vassal family in service to the Tonbo family of the Dragonfly Clan.

Founding Edit

Tonbo Senkensha was a shugenja who had the gift of foresight. She had always the same vision, the Tonbo suffering severe starvation in winter time, until they all died. Senkensha told her sensei about her forewarning, and the Tonbo spent their resources for a hard winter, buying food in case the vision would come true. Early frost destroyed the harvest, and famine menaced the northern part of Rokugan. The Dragonfly survived with the reserves they had stored and granted Senkensha her own family as a reward. [1]

Senkensha Daimyo Edit

Tonbo Senkensha  ? - ?


  1. Emerald Empire: Third Edition, p. 99

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