Seizuka Shiro

Seizuka Shiro

Seizuka Shiro was the ancestral home of the Seizuka family, cartographers of the Lion Clan. It was built in 1155 between Ninkatoshi and Toshi Ranbo. It become a stopping place for those traveling to Violence Behind Courtliness City from the south, and it could become a staging point from which Lion armies could attack Toshi Ranbo if needed. The palace reminded of a monastery inside castle walls, with a constant stream of intent cartographers carrying scrolls. The castle had several libraries and stables, as the Seizuka used horses for their surveying missions. [1]

Kintani Valley Edit

In 1200 the Lion claimed the northern portion of the Kintani Valley fell within the purview of Seizuka Shiro. After a brief struggle with the Crane, the Lion relinquished their claim. [2]


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