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Seishi was a Shingon monk who served as master of the Water Dragon Shrine.

Clan War Edit

During the Clan War band of the Yogo Junzo's Army attacked Water Dragon Shrine, and began to kill the monks who tended it. Shinjo Yokatsu arrived with an army of Shinjo Bushi and drove the Horde into Dragon Heart Forest. [1]

Master of the Shrine Edit

Seishi was very elderly and was the sole survivor of Yogo Junzo's assault on the shrine. When not performing his duties on the shore of Mizu-umi Ryo, he spent his time reading the Tao and exploring Dragon Heart Forest. [1]

Helping Yokatsu Edit

Seishi held Shinjo Yokatsu in very high esteem, despite Yokatsu's infamy as a member of the Kolat. Seishi had witnessed Yokatsu's bravery and came to be his good friend. In fact, Seishi actually sheltered Yokatsu for a time when Yokatsu was on the run from his son, Shinjo Shono. Visitors to Mizu-Umi Ryo who spoke ill of Yokatsu were ignored by Seishi, and he banished any acolytes who spoke so from the temple entirely. [1]

Misterious Illness Edit

In 1160 a group of Maho-tsukai began to craft corrupted nemuranai, casting the debris of their work into the lake, causing corruption to spread through the water. The monks' daily rituals rendered the lake pure, but each day angry kansen stole away one of the monk's voice. The mysterious illness that robbed their voice would leave them unable to perform the daily rites, but a group of samurai found the cause and wiped the tsukai down. [2]


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