Seiryoku no Oni

Seiryoku no Oni

Seiryoku no Oni were the strategists and thinkers of the Shadowlands. They served the Oni Lord organizing the logistics aspects of their wars.

Appearance and Abilities Edit

Seiryoku no Oni 2

Seiryoku no Oni

They were chitinous masses with four hoofed legs, and a long neck from which portrudes a human head. [1] The creatures had always had both a special understanding of and hatred for both the Scorpion Clan and shugenja in general. These oni were unafraid of magic, as they were capable of consuming its mystical energy. They were schemers who prefered to operate from the shadows, among the best strategists and planners of the Shadowlands. Seiryoku no oni often had lesser oni, ogres or trolls as bodyguards. [2]

Summoned Edit

Soshi Seiryoku was a shugenja who was kidnapped in 1120 [3] and tortured by her captors, who wished she let her name to an oni. She refused but eventually was broken through pain, and bargained with her spirit. But Seiryoku did so to be free from those who took her, and to find revenge. The oni was born and moved Seiryoku to her house at Ryoko Owari. A tiny second face with an eye, growing on the tip of the Soshi tongue, was the oni's mark on her. The face would became bigger, gaining another eye, and a mouth. When it got all of her, she would be done. [4] The kidnappeers, who had claimed to be the kolat, were instead an splinter sect, the Dajan's Kolat. [3] In 1122 Seiryoku called her oni to the city, hoping it could be destroyed after the tainted creeature was exposed. [5] Watchful the merchant was killed by the oni while she was sneaking out of the city during the break of the Opium War. [6]

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