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Seikitsu Mountains

Seikitsu Mountains

The Spine of the World Mountains splits Rokugan in two from north to south. The mountain range contains the tallest peaks in Rokugan, including Yama sano Kaminari. [1]

Travel Edit

There are few passes that cross the mountains, and most are narrow and fraught with peril. Of the ones listed below, Beiden Pass, the biggest one was destroyed in 1150, and Seikitsu Pass (collapsed in 99) was re-opened up by a huge fireball shortly after Beiden's destruction. Plum Blossom Pass and Iuchi Pass are less well known. [1]

Fauna Edit

Seikitsu Mountains 2

Seikitsu Mountains (W)

Mountain lions are rare, but travelers have to be aware of the risk in wilderness. [2]

Passes Edit

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