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Seikitsu Pass

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Seikitsu Pass

Seikitsu Pass (U29)

Seikitsu Pass (U29) was, after the collapse of Beiden Pass, the major pass through the Spine of the World Mountains. The pass was located between Shiro Iuchi north of the Spine of the World Mountains and the road to Kyuden Miya run southwards the mountains. [1] It was also known as the Shinomen Pass. [2]

Crossroads Edit

The vast crater was encircled by two easily navigable paths, called the Way of Night and the Sun's Arc Way, because one was constantly bathed in shadows, even at high noon, while the other was warmed by the heat of the sun during the daytime. The Eleventh and Twelfth Junghar Legions were assigned to protect these paths. [3]

History Edit

Death of Akodo Edit

As the Ikoma Libraries and Hall of Ancestors were being built they were unexpectedly attacked by Shadowlands creatures in 99. These creatures have been much later identified as Tsuno. Akodo confronted the army in Seikitsu Pass, and just as the battle seems lost Akodo called out to Amaterasu. Akodo's mighty roar collapsed the pass on himself and the Shadowlands Army. [4] [5]

Lord Sun's intervention Edit

Seikitsu Pass was re-opened in 1150 when there was no easy way to cross the Spine of the World Mountains after the destruction of Beiden Pass at the end of the War of Spirits. Lord Sun hurled a fireball from the sky which hit near where Seikitsu Pass once was. The impact of the fireball created the Great Crater which re-opened the Pass. [6] [7]

The Unicorn Edit

The territory had been highly disputed, but control had been claimed by the Unicorn Clan. There were rumors of an ancient city in the crater, the City of Night, but those have been denied by the Unicorn scholars. [1] Seikitsu pass had two paths that circled around the Great Crater at its center. They were called the Way of Night and the Sun's Arc Way. The Unicorn taxed the trade through the new pass enough to make a healthy profit but not so much as to encourage travelers to find another route. [8]

Blockade Edit

The Unicorn blockaded the pass commanded by the Khan, [9] only the Lion Clan were granted to freely cross it in 1159. [10]

The Spider Edit

There was in fact a secret Spider Clan stronghold in the ruins of the pass, from which they could launch attacks. [11]

Surviving Edit

If one wished to live in the caves and underground passages of the pass, it would not be impossible. The legendary ise zumi Togashi Mitsu lived in the area for six years, seeking refuge from the world around him. There was a steady supply of fresh water and blind fish to be found. [7]


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