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Seikansha, which translated "survivor", was the known nickname of a ronin shugenja of the early 12th century who traveled through Rokugan, often making friends among peasants and samurai retainers. He was formerly an Agasha Shugenja.

Personality Edit

Seikansha was easy-going on the surface, but when determined to take action he was cautious and often ruthless. If combat did not go in his favor, he run and recovered. He was an honorless ronin, but an implacable foe, returning to destroy his foes with the powers of the kami. [1]

Who is Seikansha? Edit

His true identity was unknown, although the Scorpion had deduced the truth of his origins. It was heavily implied that he was an Emerald Magistrate that uncovered the Taint in his superiors, ran from their presence, and then returned to murder them. His name, meaning "Survivor", might be an indication of his skills. [1]

Ancestry Edit

The man who was known as Seikansha was formerly an Agasha Shugenja with a Kitsuki ancestor. [2]

Significance Edit

Much like Kuni Mokuna, Seikansha researched the Shadowlands and the Taint, not only to destroy it when and where he could, but also because he knew himself incapable of ending the menace of Fu Leng forever. He hoped that his notes would be sufficient to assist others in resisting the Taint or defeating the sixth element's minions. While no death date was noted for him, it was known that he had communications with several notable warriors against the Shadowlands during his life. [1] It was well kwon the tale the Kiss of the Kuchisake-Onna, an account of a Crab officer during that clan's brief occupation of the City of Lies which involved a demon called a dokufu (“mountain spider”) hunting his men. [3]

Bearers of Jade Edit

In 1116 Seikansha sent two accounts to Isawa Tadaka, kancho of the Isawa Tensai Tsuchi-Ryu at Kyuden Isawa. One of the accounts was the infamous Meifumado, reprinted by Seikansha himself for public knowledge, and the second was Bearers of Jade, a scroll full of Shadowlands knowledge [4] in which the Kuni Daimyo Kuni Yori was of great assistance. [5] Part of the accounts were given by a strange in the Unicorn lands, telling the story of Iuchi Karasu. [6]

Maho-Tsukai Account Edit

Another account told about Chuda Kosai, a maho-tsukai who claimed descent from the lost Snake Clan. Seikansha claimed that several samurai were among those who attended the cult meeting, leading to speculation that Kitsune Gohei might have been among them. It was unknown whether Seikansha was ever able to bring Chuda Kosai to justice. [7]

Notable Contacts Edit


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