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Seed of Qanon

Seed of Qanon

The Seed of Qanon was a Mastery Level 4 water spell which allowed the caster to create a supernatural bond between the shugenja and a target, sharing their strengths as well as weaknesses. It was learned by Iuchi Shugenja during their time in the Burning Sands. The spell was developed by Qanon, the wise man who was respected for his ability to inspire greatness, which was why the spell took his name. [1]

Jinn of the Qanon Edit

After the Day of Wrath many jinn were killed, and the rest were convinced by the Ashalan to escape to the Blighted Realms or to hide themselves inside humans. The jinn melted themselves within the human vessel, but in three generations the human guise had overcome them, they had forgotten their true and divine nature. [2]

Awakened Edit

After the Awakening the Qanon were released from their human bodies, but the appeared jinn did not remember anything of the past. They were known as the Jinn of the Qanon. [2] Several of the vessels realized their true nature and knew that they would sacrifice their lifes for the ultimate power, [3] but the human hosts died in the process. [4]

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