The Second City Districts were six clear districts carefully stratified, each of which served a particular function for the city as a whole. [1]

Imperial District Edit

The innermost portion of the Second City, sometimes called the Old City, was typically called the Imperial District. [1] It housed the most relevant citizens and guests of the Second City. [2]

Military District Edit

The Military District was a huge rectangular fortification which completely enclosed the Imperial District. [1]

Temple District Edit

The Temple District was the first district to be created after the city grew beyond the walls of the Military District on its eastern edge. A secondary wall was built to protect this district. It was the Second City's primary center of religion and academic study. [3]

Merchant District Edit

The Merchant District adjoined the core of the city along its western edge. [4] It housed the most relevant shops, wares and business of the Second City. [5]

Artisan District Edit

The Artisan District was the most beautiful district. Adjoining the Merchant District to its south, artisans and places for amusement as theaters and geisha houses could be found there. [4]

Peasant District Edit

The Peasant District in the southern partt of the city, was the least orderly district. Standard of living for most peasants was higher than in the Empire. [4]


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