Second Battle of Three Man Alliance Plain
Location: Three Man Alliance Plain
Date: 1173, month of the Serpent [1]
Major Forces: Rokugan,
Generals: Daidoji Kikaze,
Shosuro Aroru,
Battles of Rokugan

The Second battle of the Three Man Alliance Plain was fought in the Destroyer War in 1173 when a force of Kali-Ma's Destroyers attacked the Minor Clan defenders there and slaughtered them.

First encounter Edit

Chuda Inisi, who had observed the battle, was helped by Hojyn to sacrifice himself and raise the dead samurai against the initial Destroyer force, defeating it. [2]

Second encounter Edit

Several days later, a Crab unit including Hida Ikarukani and Chuda Ruri (using an Earth spell) stopped a second wave of Destroyers. [3]

Decisive encounter Edit

Later on, a Crane army arrived, led by the Daidoji Daimyo himself, Daidoji Kikaze. He attempted to strike at the commanders of the Destroyer army. The attack was hindered by the presence of Jinn spirits under the command of the Destroyers. [1] Although the Crane was victorious, Kikaze was grievously wounded during a raid he performed together with Shosuro Aroru against Senpet general Kheth-tet. Keth-tet was disabled and the reinforcements he was bringing with him were routed. The Destroyers then left the area. [4] [5]


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