Second Battle of Kyuden Tonbo
Location: Kyuden Tonbo
Date: 1172
Major Forces: Lion Clan, Dragonfly Clan, Dragon Clan
Generals: Unknown
Battles of Rokugan

The Second Battle of Kyuden Tonbo occured in 1172 after an incident between a Dragon Ise Zumi and Lion scouts.

Preamble Edit

In 1172 the Army of Fire had returned to the Empire and attacked many places in a war without a clear front. [1]

Incident Edit

Akodo Masao and Akodo Senzo saw the fire magic Togashi Shintaro was casting over a boulder in a Dragonfly farmland. They misunderstood the situation and believed he was a yobanjin attacking a farmer. Masao fired arrows against the monk and wounded him. The farmer hurried to send word to Kyuden Tonbo of the Lion attack. [1]

A boulder Edit

The farmer had requested aid to Shintaro, to destroy a boulder he could not remove from his lands by a more conventional mean. Shintaro focused his Chi and unleashed a gout of flame that engulfed the boulder, breaking it in two. [1]

Battle Edit

The Lion had entered Dragonfly territory, a Clan to whom the Lion had a Blood Feud since four hundred years, and had wounded a Dragon without prior provocation. The Mirumoto garrisoned at Kyuden Tonbo took the field against the Lion. [1] It was not known if both parties realized the mistake, or its outcome.


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