Second Battle of Beiden Pass 
Second Battle of Beiden Pass
Location: Beiden Pass
Date: 1150
Major Forces: Empire,
Hantei XVI's Spirit Army
Generals: Toturi I,
Hida Tsuneo
Battles of Rokugan

The Second Battle of Beiden Pass was the battle that marked the end of the War of Spirits.

Preambles Edit

The Emperor Toturi I marched the bulk of his army south through Beiden Pass to join a large waiting Scorpion force. The Spirit Army clashed with them in the Battle of Quiet Winds. At a crucial moment the Scorpion appeared to change sides and joined the spirits, so Toturi's army withdrew through the Pass. [1]

Battle Edit

Hantei XVI ordered Hida Tsuneo to send his forces in pursuit. When most of the spirit army was in the Pass, [1] Phoenix shugenja collapsed it using the spell Devastation of Stone, burying and destroying the spirit army. [2]

Aftermath Edit

The Second Battle of Beiden Pass, one of these times in history when madness had inspired incredible victories, [3] was effectively the end of the War of Spirits. [4] In the Lion' side of the pass a small shrine was built, as a memorial to all who died in the war on both sides. [5]

Known Casualties Edit

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