The Second Age was to be granted to the Jinn, so that the gods would be able to retire back to their homes beyond the sky. [1]

Notable Events Edit

  • The Khayel is trapped in the Sayel Blade by the Jinn Lord Kaleel.
  • Kaleel and his brothers staged a coup against their parents, triggering the First Jinn War.
  • Kaleel's Legion invade the night sky, dousing thousands of stars and capturing the rest, in the Night of the Burning Sky.
  • The Moon Kaleel is casted into an eternity of quiet slumber.
  • The Sun Shilah is imprisoned and becomes mad.
  • The Younger Races are enslaved by the jinn. The Ashalan and humanity begin to work together against their masters.
  • Discovery of the sandsmithing. The first crysteel weapon is forged.
  • Hakhim's Seal is developed.
  • Shilah is contacted through the Hakhim's Seal, and awakens from her lunacy.
  • Shilah edicts the Day of Wrath. All the magic touched by her power is consumed. The world is partly dissolved forming the lands known as the Burning Sands. Those who thrive from magic and lived are forced out of Shila's wrath.
  • A thousand jinn survive. They bind themselves into service with the humans as the Qanon, or fled beyond the boundaries of the world.
  • The Ashalan flee into the earth, founding the City of the Seventh Star.
  • The Jinn's Citadel is grounded and buried in the sands.
  • Kaleel's Legion fall into a long sleep to survive.
  • Israk begin his quest in the Blighted Realms, looking for his brother Kaleel.
  • The Ashalan erase the Day of Wrath's memory from the Naga communal mind, the Akasha.


  1. Legend of the Burning Sands Roleplaying Game, p. 199

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