Sebun-do was one of the major martial arts devised by the female monk Fusae, a means to continue on in harmony while maintaining a proper defense of one's life and home. They were efficient killers and healers. [1]

Style Edit

Sebun-do was a relatively passive art, focusing on evading and redirecting an opponent's strikes and using an attackers strength against them. Overall health and well-being was encouraged, as the style focused more on speed and hitting key accupoints on the targei to inflict damage. [1]

Purpose Edit

Sebun-do was a defensive style, but gave the posibility to srike out offensively. More precision and morality was demanded as one punch hit in die wrong place could kill the opponent. [1]

Training Edit

The student was first instructed on how to deal with others in a moral way, so as not to invite attack. Only when they were prepared on this way, the students were taught to improve their body and to heal that of others. A sense of compassion and kindness were necessary traits fostered in Sebun-do students. They also learned about the various points in the body that could bolster the immune system. [2]

  • A novice learned to evade, redirect and blend attacks directed towards them, and had some limited ability to sense in which manner their enemy would strike next.
  • The intermediate practitioner was able to start using their enemy's strength and strategy against them.
  • An advanced student had grown in empathy with Chi flow, and he was skilled at making his opponent believe that he was going to strike in one manner, and surprised his adversary by acting in an unexpected manner.
  • A Sebun-do expert was almost impossible to touch, and able to throw back his opponents through the use of key pressure points and the harnessing of his own chi. He had also advanced knowledge of the healing arts.
  • A Master had an unparalleled understanding of the weaknessess of his opponent, being able to incapacitate his enemy at a touch.

Known Advanced Maneuvers Edit


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