Sea Dragon Daisho
Created by: Dragon smiths,
First used by: Mirumoto Minaiko
Currently in the possession of: Unkown

The Doji Dragon Daisho was a pair of swords which were part of the bridal gifts to Mirumoto Minaiko and Doji Gunjen in the 8th century, crafted by Dragon smiths and the Dragon Clan Champion. [1]

Lost at Sea Edit

The swords were inherited by their son Doji Yasagawa, who was slain by the pirate Chaiko. She would be nicknamed the Sea Dragon, and the blades were renamed as the Sea Dragon Daisho. They were lost in the waters of Earthquake Fish Bay, were Chaiko had been trapped by a Crab fleet. In the 12th century the Doji claimed the baldes had resurfaced, and they would be sold in the Jade Auctions at Clear Water Village. [1]


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